Dental emergencies

Dr. Marchand and her team will do their best to give you an appointment as soon as possible in the event of an emergency. Call us at 450-969-9595.

The most common dental emergencies:

Toothache: It can be caused by a number of problems ranging from tooth decay to sinus infection. Early consultation will avoid severe pain.

Bleeding gums: This situation should not be ignored since it may be indicative of gingivitis or point out to other health issues. Come and see us as soon as possible to prevent yourself from periodontal disease.

Dental avulsion: The loss of a tooth is a serious situation and occurs after a horizontal shock. The tooth can be partially or completely pulled out of the gum. In such a case, you must keep the lost tooth and consult a dentist within 60 minutes.

Swelling or abscesses: Swelling or abscesses can have several causes, including bacterial infections. A dental abscess is very painful and must be treated without delay.

Broken teeth: If you have broken or fractured teeth you must make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. This kind of damage needs to be fixed quickly and recommendations are to be followed.