Healthy diet = healthy teeth

When we eat sweet or starchy foods and beverages, the various bacteria that are found in our mouth transform the sugar and starch into acid. Over time, the acid pierces the enamel and enters the tooth, resulting in a cavity, i.e. a hole in the tooth.

Many highly nutritional foods and beverages contain naturally occurring sugars that can be just as harmful to your child’s teeth. For example, milk, fruit juice, crackers, teething biscuits, etc., all break down into sugar and transform into acid if they remain long enough in the mouth. Of course, it wouldn’t be sensible to simply eliminate such foods from your child’s diet, since they also contain vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to development.

The best way to limit the ravages that sugar can cause to your children’s teeth is by keeping a close eye on what they’re eating and making sure that they’re brushing and flossing both properly and regularly. Also, always verify the sugar content and other information indicated on the nutritional label before putting a product in your grocery cart. Foods that are sweetened with corn-based sugar, corn or maple syrup, honey, molasses, fructose, glucose or dextrose should be consumed in moderation. Teach kids to quench their thirst with cool water instead of sweetened drinks. Nuts, cheese or raw veggies also make great snacks and foster oral health. Serve fruit juice, sodas and sweets only occasionally and make sure that your child brushes thoroughly after consuming such foods.