Implant-mounted dental prostheses

An implant-mounted dental prosthesis is attached or screwed onto one or more implants in order to replace multiple missing teeth, missing parts of teeth, and missing soft or hard structures of the jaw and palate. If this treatment has been prescribed for you, your dentist will decide the number of implants and type of attachment that is best suited to your specific needs.

Candidates for this type of dental prosthesis must:

  • Be in good health
  • Have lost multiple teeth
  • Have sufficient bone mass to support the implant

Implant-mounted dental prostheses are the preferred choice of many patients because they offer much greater stability, comfort and strength than removable partial or complete dentures. What’s more, they look and function just like natural teeth!

Speak with a member of the Centre dentaire familial Ste-Dorothée team to find out more about implant-mounted dental prostheses and the many ways they can improve your quality of life!